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Now that the airlines are starting to charge $15-$25 just to check your first bag and almost all of them charge $25 for addional bags Travel Pak Kits are Essential for all Travelers

$3.95 Standard shipping to anywhere in the U.S. Most items arrive within five business days.

Spirits Review on Easy Traveler "Rum Runner" Flasks
"The best soft skinned/collapsible flasks available!"

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 Still using same kit purchased from you in 2007. None of them leak but becoming worn. Decided to purchase new. Last purchase used all over the world on many trips. Thank-you


 WOW - your shipping was SUPER fast as always. I got my spray bottle today. I LOVE the very fine mist. I made my own rosewater spray for a trip to Europe. Everyone on the plane will be SO jealous when I take it out to spray my face and go to sleep. Thank you again for a great product and superior service. I am the person who mentioned your products in my book of travel advice        MM 

About the 3-1-1 Totally Compliant Carry-on Kit




About the 3-1-1 Totally Compliant Carry-on Kit

Excellent product, fast delivery. VM MI


About the 3-1-1 Totally Compliant Carry-on Kit

I liked the product so well, I ordered more items from this seller and I'm more than satisified with all the products. 



3-1-1 tubes arrived within 2 days and worked great. I traveled for 3 weeks in Africa with nary a drop leaked; packed a 1 quart ziplock with everything I needed. I could have made it 6 weeks even! BY MT


About the 3-1-1 Totally Compliant Carry-on Kit

Hey these are some neat containers for anybody to have in their possession, VERY ideal for traveling, and sleepovers. I have more than enough nozzles and containers to go around, just in time for my own summer vacationing. The name says it all, Easy Traveler :) JH-TX


About the 3-1-1 Totally Compliant Carry-on Kit

great product  MR NJ
I told you I would be back! Your great product + your exemplary customer service = my repeat business. That is the formula for success. Thank you again. Take care.



This kit is very easy to use! I was able to repackage all of my essential toiletries within an hour! I recommend this kit to anyone who cannot find their essential toiletries in the required 3 oz size or who refuses to pay the premium for the smaller tubes.



great product, shipping, and seller. would definitely buy from again.

Logan L.



I am a return customer and I have been using your bottles for a long time and I love them!

Margie P.



Dear Jim, 

Just a brief note to let you know how well our flasks worked out a couple weeks ago on our long anticipated cruise.  There were 16 of us and 12 of us utilized your products.  Truly amazing.  We are all good to go for next time and are spreading the word of your website to everyone.  Thanks for creating such an ingenious, undetectable product.  We will be in touch. 


Kate M, et al


Thanks you have a great product will recommend without question

John M.



About our 3-1-1

Perfect in every way

Vicki S.




Arrived quickly. The item ("3-1-1 Totally Compliant Carry-on Kit") is someone's inspired idea. It has especially eased my international travel -- highly recommended.

N.G.  Wisconsin



Excellent product - made security screening a breeze!

Carol M.-CA







UNBELIEVABLE!!!!  The fastest customer service I have ever experienced!  I am hoping the flask is likewise as amazing!
Keep up the awesome job...I will be sure to recommend...


If your product is as good as your customer service, you have a customer for life!  Thanks for the quick shipment.

Donna - GA



Thats AMAZING service !! Thanks

Pat Y- CA



Thank you Mr. Desmond,

My son and his new wife left for the Dominican Republic yesterday, their honeymoon, with all of their "liquids" safely inside your handy containers.  Great product!  Thanks for the great service.  G. K.




Dear Mr. Desmond,

A quick acknowledgment of your quality product and incredibly quick shipping and delivery.  My wife and I are planning a European journey with only lightweight carry-on luggage, your product fits perfectly.  We found your web-page to have a wealth of useful information.  Your phone numbers, email address and web address are all stored in my laptop and will be passed on whenever possible.

Again, many thanks,



Dear Easytraveler,
We have just returned from our trip and wanted to let you know how much we appreciated the 3-1-1 compliant kit.  This is an excellent product, perfectly functional and well made.  The tubes never leaked.  All our creams and gels were labeled and well organized throughout our travels, and we breezed through airport security with them.  We're sold on this kit and would never go back to using standard travel bottles. Thank you!
Suzanne D and Rob C


Excellent kit - the variety of bottle sizes allowed me to pick and choose for each of the products I generally take along. I often have one-two night trips and an occasional longer trip and the traveler kit is versatile enough to support each trip.

J. Lee


Thanks for all the help.  You've got a great line of glad you thought of this line of goods.  Air travel today has become a nightmare and anything that makes it easier has my vote!



Kit is great - just what I needed - Super fast Shipping.



Excellent and fast service. Great product!

Sandy- CA


Exactly what I ordered and received it fast



Fabulous response time! Been looking for this kind of kit, with tubes that can be compressed….. To me, that is the most useful aspect of this product--reducing the amount of creams, etc., I used to pack!



Just what I needed. Super fast delivery.

Dee- IA


Wow! I  purchased your flasks and they were great! We used them for a cruise and not only did we save money but they did not leak! They were strong and durable! With our luggage going through a lot of plane changes and being put onto our cruise ship, these things took the abuse! I have already told people about your website and I highly recommend the products to anyone who wants to try them! We will be using them again! Great product!


I wanted to say thank you and let you know how much I appreciate the fine customer service and your product. I received my shipment on Thursday February 2 and have already used it for various toiletries for travel and the gym. I have been looking for a product like yours for a while - something that is easily refillable but well constructed and leakproof. I am very happy with it and will quite likely be placing more orders in the future.
Very truly yours,

Thanks. I actually have a set and a friend has a set that we purchased about two years ago at the state fair or home show in Phoenix. Everyone who sees them thinks they are just too cool, especially since they go right through metal detectors. I used them for concerts, plane trips, events, etc. and saved a lot of money by bringing my own liquor. Now I'm buying a set as gifts for friends.

Sorry this email is a little late...but I just wanted to tell you I received the items I ordered about 10 days ago. The flasks are very cool. We are looking forward to trying all of the items in another week when we leave for our cruise. The cruise kit is very well done, you have thought of everything! Thanks again for switching the flasks and the prompt emails.
Take care,

Thanks for the incredibly fast service.I will be in need of the items the first weedend of August, so thank you.

Thank you very much for your excellent customer service. Please bill my credit card for the additional flasks. I can always give them as a gift. I received my order on Saturday and I will have them for my trip. Thanks again.

Thank you, Jim. Great customer service!

Thank you! What a great product,should fit nicely in a suitcase!

Ok whatever you did...keep doin it. The order was on my doorstep monday afternoon! I placed the order on Saturday! The product works great and I will tell everyone that will listen about you guys. Thanks a ton!
Don W.

Hello Mr. Desmond. I just wanted to thank you for the prompt processing of my order. It arrived on Wednesday the 10th much to my delight. I was very pleased! Thanks again and I will look to Easy Traveler the next time I need something such as this in a hurry.












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$3.95 Standard shipping to anywhere in the U.S. Most U.S. orders arrive in five business days.


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