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Now that the airlines are starting to charge $15-$25 just to check your first bag and almost all of them charge $25 for addional bags Travel Pak Kits are Essential for all Travelers

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Spirits Review on Easy Traveler "Rum Runner" Flasks
"The best soft skinned/collapsible flasks available!"

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Travel Pak Family Traveler™

Price: $39.95
Item Number: 059

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The Travel Pak Family TravelerPat. Pend. comes complete with ten flexible squeeze tubes (4-1 1/2oz, 4-2 1/2oz & 2-4oz), three 8oz (.237 liter)flasks, four of our 8oz tottles and two of our leak proof 1 3/4oz atomizers. The Kit is great as camping  & hunting equipment and can transfer almost any liquid from large economy bottles and tubes to smaller, more convenient travel size flexible squeeze tubes and tottles . It fits all common size bottle necks from 15mm (toothpaste) to 38mm (1 gallon plastic containers). Our flexible squeeze tubes and tottles are made of high quality odor proof, taste proof  food grade material and are so light they make a great  Hiking accessory a must for the hiker that wants a leak proof food container. Almost any liquid can be transported conveniently and the tubes and tottles are reusable again and again. The 2 and 4 ounce squeeze tubes and all of the tottles have no-leak flip top closures - no more putting personal care products in plastic bags! The tubes and tottles stand on their head so their contents are always ready to use. The tottles are perfect for the bath so you can get rid of all of those unsightly large economy bottles. The 1 3/4 oz atomizer won't leak in your purse or luggage and you can fill it over and over again. The Travel Pak Family Traveler™ is so easy to use! If you can hold a bottle and twist on a cap. You can use the Family Traveler to transfer liquids from large containers and tubes to smaller ones in seconds. The Travel Pak Family Traveler™ creates a seal between the two containers -no pouring, no leaking, no mess. There are no moving parts, nothing to break down. The delivery spouts and receiver caps are virtually indestructible! When you have finished transferring the liquid - simply rinse off two small parts and return them to the kit.

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