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Now that the airlines are starting to charge $15-$25 just to check your first bag and almost all of them charge $25 for addional bags Travel Pak Kits are Essential for all Travelers

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Spirits Review on Easy Traveler "Rum Runner" Flasks
"The best soft skinned/collapsible flasks available!"

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Check out the many ways you can use Easy Traveler products

Hiking, Camping, and Hunting
Easy Traveler Flasks are especially useful as a hiking, camping, or hunting accessory because as the contents are used the flask collapses. When the air in the flask is expelled and the cap is sealed, the excess displacement is removed. This prevents any sloshing and noise normally associated with a water bottle or a canteen. The flask can be slipped into a pant or jacket pocket and carried with a minimum of noise. In addition, the flask can be frozen or heated. When the flask is empty, you can simply roll it up and put it in your pocket.

The Easy Traveler Envirosprayer's fine mist is great for dispersing scent in an area or even laying down a trail - and it won't leak in your pocket.

Easy Traveler Travel Pak Kits are just the right accessory for hiking, camping, and hunting. Space and weight in your backpack are always a challenge. The squeeze tubes and flasks are soft and flexible and can be shaped to fit just about any available space in your pack. The squeeze tubes fill directly from your large economy bottles in seconds with no mess and they won't leak at any altitude. Everything that we make is food grade, odor proof, and taste proof. Our tubes are the perfect food container. No more putting your condiments and personal care products in plastic bags. No more having to pack those bulky water bottles or canteens. The Easy Traveler Flasks flatten out like envelopes or roll up to less than an inch in diameter. The flasks are durable, yet so lightweight that even our 32oz Traveler flask weighs less than an ounce.

Air Travel
Our Travel Pak Kits let you take your favorite personal care products in just the right amount. The flexible squeeze tubes are easy to fill in seconds from any personal care bottle or tube. Our Envirosprayers let you take hairspray or facial moisturizers without having to lug those large economy bottles in your carry-on. All of our products are odor proof, taste proof, and food grade so you can take almost anything with you in convenient travel sizes. The non-metallic Easy Traveler Flasks are an absolute must accessory for the air traveler. The flasks pour smoothly and are leak proof at any altitude. They are great for the hotel room when you are just too tired to make the trip to the hotel lounge.

Business Travel
Our Travel Pak Kits are a business traveler's dream accessory. They allow you to take your favorite personal care products without the hassle of taking those large size economy bottles or the expense of buying the travel size container. You can fill the flexible squeeze tubes directly from the larger bottles and tubes. The flexible squeeze tubes fill in seconds and will not leak at any altitude. The tubes stand on their cap so the contents are always ready to use. You will save so much space and weight that you may feel like you have forgotten something. The kits fit every personal care bottle and tube from toothpaste to a one gallon plastic jug. All of Easy Traveler's products are odor proof, taste proof, and food grade material, so almost any personal care or food product that will flow can be carried conveniently in these travel size tubes. Hairspray, facial moisturizer, or anything that needs to be atomized can be put in the Envirosprayer which comes as a standard accessory in most kits. When you return home, it takes just a few moments to refill the tubes and place them back in your bag so it is always ready to go.


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$3.95 Standard shipping to anywhere in the U.S. Most U.S. orders arrive in five business days.


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